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「夢風車」 ☆ ウサギの文献

心の奥で輝き放ち 廻る風車

Flowers twirl from the burning, vast sky
Blooming with pride, a dream like this cannot be forgotten
In our countless meetings your touch was filled with warmth
Radiance escapes from the depths of my heart; a pinwheel turns

-- Psycho le Cému: Yume Kazaguruma


This journal was created by Usagi because she wanted an alternative place to archive her fanfiction and fanart. Usagi will still update her Fanfiction.Net account, because she's tried leaving the site several times before and failed miserably - despite how much she hates its fascist ways. At least here she can keep all of her fanfiction in one place, and post whatever the hell she wants to things she normally wouldn't be able to post on Fanfiction.Net. (Lemons and script format, anyone?) Usagi will also keep her DeviantART account; in the future, however, she may not be able to post certain things there, so they shall be posted here instead, as well as her other work. (Muahaha.)

The name for Usagi's journal was taken from the song "Yume Kazaguruma" by the Japanese rock band Psycho le Cému because she wanted the name all to herself. This is Usagi's most favorite song in the history of ever, and she worships it endlessly. The colors of this journal - pink and black - are Usagi's personal favorite colors, and she worships them almost as much as the namesake of this journal.

Personal journal: cresselia
Usagi @ Fanfiction.Net
Usagi @ AdultFanfiction.Net
Usagi @ DeviantART


Usagi: Aged twenty-one years. Resident of Mesquite, Texas. Enjoys anime, drawing, writing, yaoi, DDR, video games, sleeping, and speaking in the third person. There is no one fandom she will exclusively write for; she hops around to whatever strikes her fancy. Thinks Malik Ishtar is the sexiest bastard to walk the face of the earth. Is head-over-heels obsessed with J-rock, namely Psycho le Cému. Feels no need to include subject nouns in sentences.

Sennen Pencil: Gives the owner immeasurable drawing/writing prowess. Houses the spirit of a 3000-year-old yaoi freak.

Yami no Usagi; aka Omi: The spirit of the Sennen Pencil. Usagi's general!muse. Is constantly nagging Usagi to draw or write, usually things with yaoi content. Is also Usagi's twin/seme/other self/best friend.

Perv!Malik: From Yuugiou-Land. Usagi's hentai!muse. Is usually the one behind all of the dirty thoughts inserted into the heads of characters in Usagi's fanfiction. Is also Usagi's inspiration for writing about sexy people such as himself. Also pitches in with the writing of lemons, but unfortunately, they only have one fanfic to show for THAT.

Ryou: Also from Yuugiou-Land. Usagi's fluff!muse who doubles as her angst!muse. Is the one behind all of those sickeningly-sweet, tooth-rotting, warm-and-fuzzy-feeling scenes in her fanfiction, as well as the emo-wangsty-cry-a-river scenes. Whenever Usagi is feeling down, he'll go and make out with perv!Malik and then Usagi will feel better.

The Rabbit of Caerbannog: Of Monty Python and the Holy Grail fame. Usagi's violence!muse. If Usagi needs to write a scene with blood, gore, slashing of people's guts, spewing of intestines, slitting of throats, castration-- *shot* ...then Usagi turns to this cute fluffy little killing machine.

Chibi Yura-sama: From the popular J-rock band Psycho le Cému, in chibi form. Usagi's crack!muse. Though his vocabulary only consists of the word "bii", he is responsible for any... insanity happening in Usagi's fanfiction. Said insanity ranges from chibis running rampant, to OOC!characters, to general crackheadedness. Is also one of the most adorable things you will ever lay eyes on.


☆ All original work is MY. WORK. If I find that anyone's stolen my work and claimed it as their own, they will find theirselves on the business end of the Sennen Pencil - and trust me, it WON'T be pretty.

☆ Usagi will not be held responsible for any mental anguish that is caused from viewing her art/fics, nor does she take credit for the series/characters she uses in them. Please do not sue her; all she has is a couple of pennies and a lint ball.

☆ If, for some reason, any of you want to put my work up somewhere, ASK ME FIRST. It's not hard. I'm a very nice person and will let you archive my work if you ask nicely and give me yaoi as incentive. :D

☆ Yes, I use OCs on occasion. Got a problem? Don't bitch about it; nobody said you had to read or look. I have no objection to using OCs, and I think they can be a fun addition to an otherwise boring animeverse. Please don't let the fact that I use them turn you off from reading my fanfiction or looking at my art. Don't bash, check it out, if you don't like it, you don't have to continue. It's a very simple concept. ♥ Addendum: I don't really use OCs anymore. I've grown out of that stage by now, and I really only use a couple of them anymore. ^^;; That said, my older stuff... kinda sucks. Read at your own risk? 8D;;



In Progress

Randomness (Too many to list) Eternally ongoing
Running With Scissors (Yuugiou) 3/???
20 Inkspots Challenge (Yuugiou; Ryou x Malik x Yami no Bakura; collaboration with halfthewords) 1/20
Brilliant World (EarthBound) 1/???
Fanart 100 Challenge (Yuugiou; Malik Ishtar) 11/100
10 Whores Challenge (Yuugiou; Bakura Ryou) 1/10

Future Projects

Omoide Aruki (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII)
Beautiful Stranger (Yuugiou)


I Have Confidence (Digimon/Earthbound)
Never Ever (Digimon)
Never Had a Dream Come True (Digimon)
Kuroi-Shiroi (Weiß Kreuz)
Distance: Faraway Memories (Weiß Kreuz)
My Sweet Darlin' (Fruits Basket)
Dance of Darkness (Yuugiou)
Kokoro no Jutsu (Yuugiou)
Warmth (Yuugiou)
1 Sentence Challenge: Malik x Ryou (Yuugiou)
1 Sentence Challenge: Ness x Paula (EarthBound)
7 Snogs Challenge (Yuugiou; Malik x Ryou)


Escape (Yuugiou) 2/???

Discontinued (Unless I ever feel like working on them again)

Phoenix (EarthBound, Ranma 1/2) Gone for good
Rainbow Chronicles (Original) Gone for good
Chaos (Digimon)
Midnight Blue (Digimon)
Sweet Nothing (Weiß Kreuz)
Kuroi no Tenshi (Original)
Kisetsu (Original)
Kono Hoshi Kara (Original)
Mei no Okaeshi (Weiß Kreuz)
30 Kisses Challenge (Yuugiou; Yami x Malik)
Tsukimono (Ranma 1/2, Fruits Basket)
Attack of the Bishounen (Yuugiou, Digimon, Weiß Kreuz, Fruits Basket)
Mirai no Mirai (Digimon)
Sweet Dreams (Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura)
Bokura no Tomodachi (Original) 1/???