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Title: Tiny Dancer
Series: Yuugiou
Rating: PG
Chapters: One-Shot
Summary: [Jounouchi x Anzu; gift-fic for halfthewords ♥] I'm not into all of that mushy stuff. Except when it comes to Anzu.
Warnings: Slight language.
Disclaimer: Usagi no own.

I'd say she moves like a swan, but that sounds way too cheesy and romantic.

Jounouchi Katsuya is not "cheesy" - unless it's with nachos, mmm - and he is most certainly not "romantic". ... Well, she might tell you otherwise, but don't believe a word of it. Seriously, I've got a reputation to keep up, y'know? If the guys at school found out that I'm actually a cuddler, I'd never hear the end of it! And that would be bad. Or embarassing, at the very least.

But that's off-topic.

I'm sitting here with Yuugi and Honda, and we're surrounded by a bunch of teenage girls. Normally, I wouldn't be complaining, but the fact that we're sitting here, surrounded by teenage girls, watching other teenage girls dance... doesn't make me feel very manly. But we're not here to feel manly, we're here to watch Anzu dance, because she asked us to be here.

She's down there on the floor in a tight leotard and some kind of flowy skirt. She looks pretty nice out there, doing all of those twirls and fancy leaps, and every time she spins around, her skirt fans out like some kind of flower. Gah... there go those poetic thoughts again. Note to self - stop that. You are sitting beside two of your best friends, who would laugh like crazy if they heard the thoughts going through your head. Stop it. Stop it now.

... But I really can't help it. I like Anzu. A lot. ... A lot lot. Sure, she can be kinda pushy at times, but guess what? So can I. They say birds of a feather flock together, don't they? Heh. Well, and there's the fact that she's hugged me a few times, kissed me a few times... those are minor details. Really. I'm not into all of that mushy stuff.

Except when it comes to Anzu. Especially when it comes to Anzu.

Kinda makes me wonder if Yuugi knows about us. I know he's liked Anzu for a long time... and I feel kinda bad for 'taking' her from him. I wasn't expecting it to happen, really - I mean, Anzu was crushing on the other Yuugi, and I had a thing for Mai. But it just sorta happened. I've told Honda about it, and he says I should tell Yuugi, but I don't wanna hurt him. I know he'd at least try to be happy for us, but deep down, he really wouldn't be. I wouldn't blame him, either... if my best friend started dating the girl I've crushed on for years, I'd be pretty pissed off too. Not to mention betrayed.

I don't wanna do that to Yuugi. Best friends don't hurt each other. ... But it would hurt him a lot worse if we hid it from him.

I look over at him, and he's gazing down at Anzu as she dances. I mean... really gazing. His eyes are completely fixed on her and that swishy skirt, and I know what he's thinking. He's thinking about how much he'd like to be out there with her, dancing to this song - it's foreign, sounds like it's in English, by some Celine lady. I dunno, I wasn't paying much attention.

Mainly because I was thinking about how much I'd like to do the same thing.

I wonder if she'd dance for me later on... I wonder if she'd let me join her. I can dance about as well as a three-legged monkey, but maybe I won't step on her toes.

Anzu finally finishes dancing, and she has a big smile on her face. She turns to face the three of us, smiling even brighter. Our eyes meet, and somehow I know she'd dance with me if I asked her to.

... And there I go, with those sappy thoughts again. But at this point, I couldn't really care less.

...that is SO like Jou. XDDD I LOVE THIS SO HARD. The unrequited Yuugi-Anzu makes me wibble, and the whole "just sorta happened" idea fits them. :3 Sankyuu for writing it~ ♥