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Title: Brush Strokes
Series: Yuugiou
Rating: G
Chapters: One-Shot
Summary: [Ryou x Isis] Her determination is lovely to Ryou, and he promises to teach her until she is able to get the brush strokes correct. [for 10_whores; theme set three, #04 - calligraphy]
Warnings: Fluff, lack of beta.
Disclaimer: Usagi no own.

"Graceful" is one of the first things that comes to Ryou's mind when he thinks about Malik's sister - graceful, elegant, composed, almost regal in nature - so when Isis asks him to help her write kanji, Ryou can't help but be surprised.

He knows that Isis has mastered speaking the Japanese language, and reading it, but writing some of the more elaborate kanji is a completely different story; he agrees and smiles at her, and she gratefully returns his smile. She is graceful, elegant, and - dare he think it? - beautiful.

With an ink brush in his hand, paper in front of him, and an attentive student next to him, Ryou shows Isis how to paint kanji. One brush stroke, two, three, four - seal script, clerical script, standard, grass, and running - and the Eight Principles of Yong come into play during Ryou's lesson. He gives verbal instruction as well as visual, as any good teacher would.

Isis absorbs the information like a sponge, taking note of the techniques; however, when it comes time for her to show Ryou what she's learned, she is unable to replicate the beautiful characters that her tutor has shown her, and she frowns - her attempt at 'love' looks more like a jumbled mess of lines and boxes. Ryou thinks that even her frown is lovely, but would much rather see a smile in its place. Isis is not discouraged, and she asks Ryou to show her again. He agrees and smiles at her, and she returns his smile a second time; her determination is lovely to Ryou, and he promises to teach her until she is able to get the brush strokes correct.

He runs through his lesson again, except this time, Isis takes the ink brush in her hand, Ryou takes her hand in his, and he guides her hands in the smooth motions needed to make the perfect brush stroke. He verbally instructs her as well as visually, as any good teacher would, and she soaks in the information like a sponge, attempting to replicate the techniques in her mind.

Ryou removes his hand, and together, they have written the kanji for 'heart' - a simple symbol, but beautiful in its own way.

Isis thanks Ryou for his time, and promises to keep practicing on her own. Ryou smiles, and inwardly, Isis thinks his smile is lovely.

The next day, Isis presents him with a piece of washi paper, covered in handwritten kanji. Ryou takes the paper and examines each symbol - he reads 'earth', 'water', 'life', 'sky' - but the most notable of the symbols is the one for 'heart', the one that they painted together the day before. It is the largest, as well as the clearest; it has been transformed into the symbol for 'love': a complex symbol representing a complex emotion, but when Isis explains that it was the easiest one for her to paint, Ryou smiles. He feels his heart swell up, and he looks up at Isis, congratulating her on a job well done.

She smiles, and Ryou thinks she's beautiful - and graceful, and elegant, and composed.

And then they smile together.

Aww~ I loved this; it's so cute and fluffy :3
I like how the ending and beginning ran along the same lines -- "and graceful, and elegant, and composed."

...but the fluff. Oh god the flufffff. It's possibly the fluffiest pairing in existence; the two of them are so...DOTING. *dead*