Title: Bad Idea
Series: Original
Rating: R
Summary: For those of you with far too much free time (among other things) on your hands, take heed - do not try this at home. Crack!drabble inspired by a post at fanficrants.
Warnings: Crude humor, references to masturbation.
Disclaimer: Usagi owns, kthx.

"Word of advice - never stick your dick in an electrical outlet, no matter how horny you are."

"What the fuck, man!"

"I'm serious. It's been two weeks since I've done that and I still can't get it up."

"Why didn't you just masturbate with your hand like normal people?"

"Well... you know how sometimes you get a little jolt when you touch the back of your modem and your finger gets all tingly? I thought that if I tried the same thing with my dick and the--"

"No, wait, I don't want to hear it. FORGET I ASKED."